Written | 21 Jul 2022

So much things happening that we lost all sense of time. Have you heard of our new vibrant location opening in Floréal? Not only will you learn more about it in this issue, but you’ll also meet the architecture agency behind this amazing location. You’ll also come across one of our latest recruits at THE HIVE workplace, passionate about Hospitality Management. Eager to know how March’s going at THE HIVE? Read on!

Nouvelle Usine: New Office Spaces in a Strategic Location

The Floreal Knitwear factory has been transformed into a new generation urban destination. This rehabilitation project aims to transform the former factory into an urban destination that promotes entrepreneurship in a completely redesigned industrial environment. Located not far from the future Floreal metro station, the site offers plenty of parking space and access to a range of shared services, as well as ultra-competitive and flexible office rental rates. Are you ready to increase your team’s productivity in this innovative location?

Welcome to THE HIVE workplace!

We are so thrilled to welcome Anaïs in our team, who was looking for a new challenge and work environment to create deeper connections with people. Freshly out of the Hospitality Industry and holding a Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management, she surely fits perfectly the job description of Center Coordinator for Pierrefonds and Event and F&B Management. Her responsibilities in a nutshell would be to accompany new members in their journey at THE HIVE workplace and implement new projects for members to gather and bond. Her mission? Improve the hospitality standard
in all centres of THE HIVE workplace

Developing Nouvelle Usine’s identity!

We have been collaborating with Ciel Properties and other key players for almost 2 years now, defining, designing and activating – as per our process – this new destination. A unique project of urban rehabilitation… just the kind we love!

Nouvelle Usine has a very powerful ambition, one where real estate has a real social impact and promotes an inclusive and sustainable economy. From finding the place’s story to the branding, including architecture and interior design, Jugaad’s team worked to transform Floreal Knitwear’s old textile factory into a new generation of urban destinations, one that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation. At Jugaad, we value the durability of the projects, so the approach of revitalization makes perfect sense to us.

We love places that have soul, where you can feel the past history and need to build on it. “Nouvelle Usine” was the name we proposed for the project, it resonated with everyone. It’s a name that would bridge the past and the future, history and modernity, a name that felt right! You will feel Nouvelle Usine’s unique vibe into the architectural and interior design choices as well as the visual identity, of course. Such a vibrant and innovative place!

*Jugaad is an ambitious, talented and innovative placemaking and architecture agency, whose motto is to define, design and activate better places and sustainable lifestyles.

Optimise Office Space… Enhance Productivity

Ask 5 people what makes an office design great and you’ll get 5 different answers. Yes, an office must have a floor, a ceiling, and four walls (though the number four is debatable as well). But after that, there’s really no limit to how you organise the space. That said, some office designs are better than others, not just in terms of aesthetics, but better in terms of having a profound influence on your team’s creativity and productivity. JUGAAD shares with us 5 key points to look for in Office Design (including ‘La Jugaad Touch’).

  1. Choose your space well
    Identify your needs according to your activity, number of employees and whether they work on flexible timetables or not. In general, you need to allow for 8 sqm per employee in private space and 4 sqm in open space for optimal space occupancy and comfort.
  2. Lighting, a key component
    People tend to forget about the lighting layout and design, keeping two “neon” on the ceiling will certainly keep you within budget but won’t be very good for the employees well-being and comfort! Try to get as much natural light as you can and think about the lights’ position, color and intensity. You don’t want to have too little lights and too white. Our recommendation is 3000 Kelvins and 6 or 7 watts for light bulbs and various types of light sources: ceiling spot lights or led panels, table lamps, pendants.
  3. Adequate storage makes the difference
    If your budget allows for it, think about what you need to put into your built-in storage to have them custom to your needs.
  4. Bring some nature inside
    Add some plants and natural elements for a biophilic design. It‘s proven that it contributes to well-being, creativity and can even enhance productivity!
  5. La Jugaad touch
    Don’t forget one or 2 upcycled pieces to bring a more homey vibe!