Written | 17 Aug 2017

What a great way to support women entrepreneurship in March! The Hive management has decided to host the AMFCE (Association Mauricienne des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises), the most important association of women leaders of the island. Founded in May 1986, the AMFCE brings together women business-owners from all sectors of the Mauritian economy. In addition to its individual members, it also counts two institutional members, Entreprendre Féminin Océan Indien – Maurice (EFOI Maurice) and Entreprendre Féminin Océan Indien – Rodrigues (EFOI Rodrigues). “We are honoured to welcome an organisation which has an impressive track record in support women entrepreneurship in Mauritius,” said Nicolas Dalais, co-founder of The Hive. Mrs Marie-France Chamary, immediate Past President of AMFCE, said : “We are happy to be hosted at The Hive. This will allow us to work more efficiently for the organisation and our members.”