Written | 10 Feb 2021

  Let’s start with the history of coffee…
The word “coffee” entered the English language in 1582 via the Dutch koffie, borrowed from the Ottoman Turkish kahve, in turn, borrowed from the Arabic qahwah (and we “borrowed” this information from Wikipedia 😬 ). Anyway, it is believed that coffee dates back to 850 Ad but no one can exactly tell. And so the legend says that it was discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi (a long and more accurate story here) who found out about the stimulating effects of coffee. And now years and years later, no one at work can go one day without a cup (or multiple cups) of coffee.

🏢  …and more on coffee at the workplace!
Well, coffee breaks initially date back to 1952 from an ad campaign which had the slogan “Give yourself a coffee-break and get what coffee gives to you”. Fast forward to now, where people at work statistically leave their place for an average of 20 minutes to get their daily dose of caffeine. If you have any doubt about this, all of us at THE HIVE are living proof of that and that’s why coffee has such an important place in our workplaces. Aaaand that’s also how the Happy Blend, our specialty coffee, was born in 2019.

🦤  Where it all started for us
The Happy Blend was the result of our strong belief that great coffee is a catalyst for a great day. And after three years of subpar can-be-found-anywhere coffee, we absolutely needed good coffee and, most importantly, one that’s as local as possible. That’s how Dodo Café came into play…

🇲🇺  Our commitment to local
Dodo Café’s is a local artisan coffee roastery and the first specialty coffee roastery on the island. Established in 1990, they have been developing their passion for coffee for 30 years now. How do they do it? By sourcing some of the best coffee beans around the world and roasting & blending them right here on our little island to produce premium coffee. Choosing them as our supplier was a no-brainer!

😃  And how the Happy Blend was born
Now that we had our local partner, we wanted something truly special, something just for us, something you could not find anywhere else. With 70% Arabica from Tanzania, 15% Robusta from India and 15% Moka from Ethiopia, The Happy Blend was and is everything we wanted: a locally roasted and blended coffee mixing the best of Africa & India. Stepping foot in any of our four workplaces, you really just can’t miss the smell of it and of course the sound of the coffee grinding!

👉  So what now?
It’s been a whole year of Happy Blend at all our workplaces around the island. The coffee machine has become an emblematic part of THE HIVE and the coffee itself a taste you would recognise every time you have a sip of it (It’s true, ask our members!). Whether it’s a cappuccino flavoured with honey from Les Ruchers Senneville (locally-made honey available at all our workplaces) or just your regular Americano, the Happy Blend was made with one belief: Every coworking day should start with a taste of happiness!

➡️  Available (but not for sale) only at THE HIVE: Join us today!