Written | 08 Mar 2021

Following the recent local cases of COVID-19 announced by the government during the past few days, we’d like to provide a small update!

Here are our procedures & what we strongly recommend 👇

1. Members

  • Wear masks at all times
  • Encourage employees and visitors to wear masks
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided at all our centres upon entering

2. Social distancing

  • Ensure social distancing of 1.5m as far as possible
  • Limit access to the coffee machine and kitchen appliances to one person at a time

3. Meeting rooms

  • Meeting rooms will accommodate up to 4 people only
  • Cleaning procedures after use will be operated by our cleaning staff

4. Kitchen

  • Wash your own dishes
  • Keep mugs/cups at your desks and not on common shelves
  • Limit access to the kitchen sink to 1 person at the time
  • Food stored in the fridge must be in a container. Foods in their original packaging will not be accepted.
  • Food must be taken out from the fridge on Friday to ensure weekly fridge cleaning

5. Lunch and common areas

  • We highly recommend that members lunch at their own desks
  • In any case, we encourage staggered lunch times to avoid grouping during lunchtime
  • We encourage anyone to leave as soon as lunch is finished

6. Visitors and customers

  • Visitors and customers will be allowed to enter our premises only if equipped with masks for safety and prevention measures
  • We recommend that customer visits be limited

7. The Hive cleaning procedures

  • Offices and desks will be cleaned on a daily basis (before working hours). We recommend you clear your desk out every evening so that we can clean it properly!
  • Cups, mugs and other personal belongings will not be cleaned by our staff
  • Common space areas will be cleaned on a daily basis (after working hours)
  • Fridges will be cleaned on a weekly basis
  • Restrooms will be cleaned every hour
  • Door handles will be cleaned with hydroalcoholic gel every two hours

Do you have questions or suggestions for us? Drop us an email here 👉  [email protected]