Written | 21 Jul 2022

From welcoming new members, creating success stories, to hosting an amazing event with local entrepreneurs, the month of June has been an
amazing one!!! This edition will showcase the green initiative which is Nouvelle Usine, a member’s testimonial on how THE HIVE helped them grow, and also some powerful insights from one of our members. Happy reading!


Your eco-friendly workplace in Mangalkhan

Not only does Nouvelle Usine fundamentally make us rethink the way we interact with our workplace, but it is also a green initiative at its core! Equipped with cross ventilation, the building allows natural cooling of the office spaces in summer. The result? Reduced air conditioning and energy consumption, for the greater good of the environment. Moreover, our workspaces promote wellbeing, collaboration and innovation altogether with a plethora of facilities and amenities. Are you ready to indulge in a whole new way of working and benefit from competitive and flexible rental rates, all while protecting the environment?


Better Living, Better Designing

Founded in early 2020, DHO Studio Ltd offers the ultimate sophistication in terms of architecture, interior design and lighting design solutions. With innovation at the heart of their offering, they execute each project in an ecological and sustainable way by keeping reasonable prices. They strive to exceed their customers’ expectations for various types of buildings such as primary residences, second homes, offices and commercial buildings. DHO decided to join THE HIVE family in January 2022 for all the facilities available to help their team thrive. Located mainly in Beau-Plan, they started through our Private Desk and have now moved to a Private office… eager to expand even more!


Spaces available to accommodate your needs

This month, THE HIVE Beau-Plan hosted an amazing event regrouping various amazing local businesses and entrepreneurs. As you already know, “lokal” plays an important role in who we are and we’ll always be keen to promote your know-how. During the event, the Bootcamp session organised by Alicia Lamusse made us sweat like crazy. Then was the time to relax during a yoga session with Anya Benoit from Fitforme, followed by a healthy lunch prepared by Sanjna & Chandré Ramdenee from The Health box. Do you want to organize your event at THE HIVE workplace too? We have spaces to accommodate your needs!