Written | 19 Jul 2022

Have you heard of our Workloft concept? You’ll surely love it. Moreover, meet some of the amazing success stories from THE HIVE Community and why they chose to grow with us. Eager to know what’s in store for this month? Time to read!

Our WorkLoft – Your team’s new playground

Working in a team has never been more fun than in the workloft! The productivity of ‘work’ with the conviviality of a ‘loft’ – that’s what the Workloft is all about. Being a truly multifunctional space, it becomes what you want it to be. Team buildings, meetings, conferences, product launches, coaching…our workloft can be adapted to your business’s needs and for any corporate related event! The moment you walk into a shared office space, you’ll be able to feel the difference. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, energetic people and lively environment, all these indeed leave a positive mark on your mind and of course…the quality of your work.

Solve your toughest sales challenge

Sandler Training is all about boosting your sales team by providing them with the right tools and knowledge, perfectly suited to today’s dynamic and constantly changing sales environment. Their main aim? Helping you close more sales, more quickly, more easily, and more profitably!

Nessen Soobrayen, Director at Sandler Training Indian Ocean moved his team to THE HIVE workplace for several reasons, but mainly for the cost reduction aspect, and the flexibility to make meetings all around the island in our different workplaces. With the quality IT infrastructure, high-speed internet access, and a pleasant atmosphere, he’s confident in the good development of his company through THE HIVE workplace.

Welcome to THE HIVE!

We are so excited to welcome Naleen to our team this year, who could not resist to the challenge and opportunity of contributing to THE HIVE Community’s growth. With an academic background in Business Management and professional experience in Forex Dealing, E-Commerce Operations, Team Management and lately Global Project Management, he surely is a valuable addition to the team. His main responsibilities will be to look after THE HIVE workplace community and manage the exciting upcoming projects. His mission? Ensuring that each member coming to
THE HIVE workplace benefit to the maximum during their time with us.

Focus on your business, let them handle the rest

The pandemic has pushed many entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses and reinvent themselves. But with a new business comes new responsibilities. Sabrina Ragavoodoo, the founder of Compliance Solutions and Managing Director of Computerised Accounting Services Ltd, states that compliance is today the essence of the sustainability of our small and medium enterprises. This vital element for the survival of a company is often put aside due to lack of time or ignorance of the law. This is why having a company secretary is of utmost importance. For her, entrepreneurs should focus on promoting and running their business without worrying about regulatory deadlines for submission of accounts or annual fees to be paid to the ROC or MRA.