Written | 24 Feb 2020

Our member Khandini, Image Consultant and Founder of The Minimalist, tells us more about her Style Confidence workshops and why she chose The Hive as her workplace.

Introduce yourself…

I’m Khandini, Style Coach, Image Consultant and Founder of The Minimalist.

What is The Minimalist?

The Minimalist aims at guiding individuals towards creating an impressive look and creating image presence.

I offer image building sessions through personal consultation, online coaching and group workshops.

Tell us more about your workshops!

The Style Confidence workshop is designed for people to cultivate a polished image. We teach you the essentials of creating image presence, which is power dressing. It’s all about body shape, personal style, face shape and dressing for your colours, as well as knowing how to do your makeup.

When can we catch the next one?

Join us for our next Style Confidence Workshop on the 29th February from 10 AM to 1 PM at [The Hive] Pierrefonds.

Why did you choose The Hive?

As an entrepreneur, we always look for a very relaxing environment to welcome our clients. The Hive is very peaceful, friendly & with all the greeneries around, it’s overall a very relaxing environment.

Your best style tip…Go!

My message to you is “Dress how you want to be addressed!” and join our workshops for a wonderful experience.

Thank you, Khandini.

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