Written | 04 Jun 2020

In the time of COVID-19, the way we work has had to change for many of us and businesses had no choice but to adapt. After months of working from home, it is not surprising that how we think about work also has changed. Better yet, it’s confirmed that businesses can adapt and provide what many employees have been asking for: more flexibility!

Why do employees want flexibility?

  • Work-life balance
  • Flexibility plays an important role in work-life balance, and employees want it so much that they value it above salary and health insurance in a potential job. Work-life balance makes for a happier and healthier life, providing employees with the ability to work when they’re at their peak, allowing employees to work when they are most productive, while giving them flexibility of making time for themselves and their family.

    • Convenience
    • Research has shown that the workforce of today wants the opportunity to work from anywhere and, in most cases, this involves working closer to home. The need for less commute is clear and the case for it? Well, it saves time and reduces stress. Workplace flexibility might just be what business leaders need to provide to an increasing workforce in search of jobs that adapt to their lifestyle.

      Flexibility is the way to go for businesses too

      Yes, employees want more flexibility and yes, the lockdown has shown that businesses can indeed be more flexible. But now that most of us are back at the office, why should businesses continue to be more flexible? Well, it’s a win-win and here’s why:

      • Efficiency and productivity
      • A 2019 survey by Airtasker which found that less time is being wasted on distractions; and remote workers are more efficient. While, research by Flex+Strategy Group shows that with flexibility comes more innovation, productivity and engagement. Simply put, businesses have a lot to gain in implementing flexible solutions.

        • Employee retention
        • Flexibility just makes employees happier and many are going on the search for it! They are feeling empowered to seek jobs that provide them with flexible initiatives and opportunities. But to what extent? Well, many would choose flexibility over a pay raise, for example. Some would change employers if offered flexible work elsewhere. The reality of it is: to retain top talent, businesses will have to adapt.

          • Profitability
          • Not only have businesses seen increased productivity as a result of workplace flexibility, in many cases, this increased productivity has had a positive impact on revenue generation, cycle time and client satisfaction. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: allowing employees to work from home or at a coworking space not far from home can save businesses a significant % on operational expenses.

            So the question remains, will your business adapt?

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