Written | 09 Jul 2020

The freelance economy is a labour market for one-off jobs, where companies hire self-employed individuals — freelancers — to undertake a specific job over a specific period of time.

With the shift towards self-employment and the advantages it entails, the freelance economy has grown over the years, currently being the strongest it has ever been in decades. Better yet, it is undoubtedly bound to grow more with Forbes describing freelancing as “a force in the new economy” since the COVID-19 outbreak.

And this growth comes with more options to freelancers and the companies that hire them, says a 2019 report by Upwork, thus providing companies with benefits they would not be able to access in a traditional labour market. What are those benefits? We’ve listed the top reasons why small businesses (and big ones too!) should hire freelancers and where to find them.

Why should SMEs hire freelancers?

💰 Savings

Hiring freelancers allows businesses to optimise their operational costs, as they come with lower overheads. For SMEs particularly, freelancer work can help them check off one-off growth projects, crossing off the need for employee training while allowing employees focus on what they are already good at!

And while hourly rates may seem high, assigning one-off jobs to freelancers can still save businesses up to 30% a year.

🔄 Flexibility

By the nature of their job, freelancers are more flexible than part-time and full-time employees. Not locked up in traditional work hours, they set up their own schedule and often have more room for adaptability.

Freelance work also allows companies to hire only when they need to get a specific job done, allowing them to concurrently work with a network of freelancers with different skill sets and covering a wide variety of fields. This flexibility can be an essential part of business growth for SMEs.

🔝 Expertise

Freelancers are more often than not experts in their fields and this means one thing: they get things done and they get things done fast! According to a study by Upwork, 83% of clients said that hiring freelancers has sped up turnaround times for their projects.

And since they know how to get the job done, they are the perfect match for SMEs who are looking for top-tier talents to complete specific projects that will add value to their business!

So now, where to find them?

Now that we’ve established the why, you might wonder where to find the right freelancer for the job? Here’s a list:

1. MeetYourJob

MeetYourJob launched a Freelancing platform that links freelancers to the companies looking to hire them for specific jobs. Through the platform, companies register their “mission” what kind of jobs they are looking to complete and MeetYourJob will find you the right freelancer for the job!

👉 Find out more here

2. Digital Moris

If you’re looking to up your company’s digital marketing game, there’s no doubt you will find what you need within the Digital Marketing Mauritius community. With over 1300 professionals, browse for the right person from a wide range of fields: SEO, Community Management, Web Development and more.

👉 It’s all there

3. Upwork

On Upwork, one of the leading global freelancing platforms, you’ll find a number of freelancers from Mauritius (and elsewhere!), from developers to designers, copywriters, campaign managers, marketers and more. Post your job and Upwork will shortlist the best freelancers for what you’re looking for!

👉 Get started here

And if you’re a freelancer…

Head over to MeetYourJob’s freelance platform, join their community, get hired for your first mission AND get 1 month of free coworking at The Hive! Yep, we’re nice like that 😎