Written | 09 Oct 2020

While we’re still adjusting to the “new normal,” we’ve already seen a lot of changes in the way we work, and many of us have now opted to work from home. But working from home has a few limits when it comes to business. With no professional business address to receive your mails, no professional location to meet your clients, a lack of focus you might only find in an office setting…

Enter Virtual Office: for those who don’t always need an office, but need to run their business like they had one! Virtual Office fills in where Work From Home can’t, with a professional address for your business, mail reception, scan & send, meeting room & day office access. And how’s that important for your business? It’s all here 👇

Corporate business address & mail management

The main feature of Virtual Office is a professional business address. It’s the solution for those who don’t really need a physical office but still need a “place.” With an address assigned to your business, not only will you get a really great, really professional address to get your mails delivered right at a central business location, but all your mails will be managed by a dedicated team: mail reception, email notification or even scanning & sending of mails for fast & paperless delivery! ♻️

Business legitimacy

Working from home is great, until you realise your home address just does not quite cut it for your business! Why? Because the perception and professionalism that comes with a physical office (or the appearance of one!) is crucial to build reputation and credibility, especially if you’re still building up your client base. Why’s that so? Well, what clients want to see is a professional and reliable business, and sometimes that just starts with an address that’s not your home address! 🏡

Low cost & easy setup

If there’s one thing that’s for sure with Virtual Office (v/s an actual physical office), it’s that it is much much easier to set up and…boy, is it cheaper! Setting up your business in a Virtual Office operated location is just a document away and it allows you to use your new & freshly registered address in no time. The cost? Cheaper than paying rent, no doubt. But really, packages can start as low as Rs 1,250 per month depending on the services you opt for. Not bad for an office!

Physical place to meet & work

While working from home sounds great, sometimes you still need a place to meet or work! That’s when additional features like Meeting Room and Day Use Office access included in your Virtual Office membership comes in handy. This way you can meet clients in a business setting and not in your living room 👎

At THE HIVE, we’re taking this to the next level with our Virtual Office + and Virtual Office ++. Get full access to our meeting rooms and day offices at ALL our workplaces around the island. Yep, that’s 4 locations (St Pierre, Curepipe, Pierrefonds & Beau Plan) to meet clients closer to where they are and get your team all in one place for work sessions!

Support for scaling

When businesses grow quickly, scaling can become a bit of a hassle. Accommodating for more employees brings challenges that some of us could do without (read: relocation and the additional costs it incurs). With a Virtual Office, there’s really none of that since it’s…wait for it…virtual 🤯 So, you can scale up your business whenever you need it without either:

1) Having to choose between cramping all your new employees into the small space you’re renting; or

2) Signing a big fat check to relocate somewhere bigger

Setting up your Virtual Office at THE HIVE

Virtual Office at THE HIVE is the best of all the above, with three memberships:

✉️ Virtual Office

Our basic offer gets you the very best of Virtual Office: your professional address at THE HIVE, mail reception & email notifications!

✉️ 🗓 Virtual Office +

And if you want to get more from your Virtual Office: sign up to our Virtual Office + and add Scan & Send and Meeting Room access to your monthly package!

✉️ 🗓 🖥 Virtual Office ++

The ultimate Virtual Office membership with Day Use Office access for those who need a place to work a couple of times a month.

Get your address today!